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Gary N. Krebill, DDS

Removable mouth guard

Do you need a mouth guard to protect your mouth while playing sports? Do you grind your teeth while you sleep? No matter the reason, you can get a custom mouth guard that's designed just for you. Our experienced and friendly staff is ready to help you.

  • Mouth guards for work

  • Night guards

  • Sports guards

  • Available in a variety of colors and styles

  • Hard and soft mouth guards

  • Most insurances accepted

Mouth guards for any reason

Physical contact of any kind can put your teeth at risk. Whether you work in a physically demanding environment, play sports, or grind your teeth at night, you need protective gear.


Custom-fitted mouth guards to protect you from the impacts associated with dental damage.

Prevent dental injuries

Keep your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful with fitted mouth guards. We can help you limit your exposure to the risks of tooth damage. Call 269-382-5040 for details.

Removable mouth guards for optimum oral health

Customize Your Protection Level

Mouth guard